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Resources for Students
Student success is a team effort

Even the best and brightest students can benefit from the help, experience, or guidance of others. Dedicated staff at Rochester can help you find and access what you need to succeed.

Support and services

Students will find the help and support they need through a wide range of University services.

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Coronavirus update

We are grateful to our students, their families, and our faculty for their patience and optimism as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic together. Students can find the most up-to-date information on our COVID-19 website. Below are some quick links you may find helpful.

Gillian Gingher at University of Rochester

Services by school

菠萝蜜视频在线观看Each academic unit at the University offers a range of services to support students.

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University-wide services

菠萝蜜视频在线观看Here are other helpful student support services available across the University.


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